We care very strongly about the environment, which is why we focus on sustainability.

We are always on the lookout for improvements and sustainable solutions, which is why we invest constantly in new products and ideas.

Fritz Grob

Fritz Grob
Chairman of the Board of Directors / Consulting / Sales

+41 (0)62 748 55 10

Reusable packaging

A packaging concept has been developed together with one of our major customers. Manufactured parts are now delivered in reusable protective sleeves with screw caps, which are then returned to us for reuse after serving their purpose.

With other customers, we have also introduced swap bodies that can be used by the customer directly without having to reposition them.

Solar panels

All good things come from above, as they say. With this in mind, we installed photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the two production halls at GROB AG. An area of over 4,000 m² is available here, meaning we can meet around 45% of our own electricity consumption. This is good for us and good for the environment.

LED lighting

An environmentally friendly LED lighting concept in the production halls ensures reduced energy consumption and improved lighting.


In our opinion, every company bears a certain level of responsibility and – in addition to economical efficiency – also has to behave in an ecologically compliant way and meet social commitments. We do this by supporting the non-profit organisation WASSER FÜR WASSER (WfW). We use normal tap water in our factories instead of branded mineral water. In doing so, we help to promote the drinking of tap water and integrate donations for water projects into the day-to-day life of many people.

Heat recovery

We reuse the 18,000 m³ of waste heat (38 °C) produced each hour by one of our machines. Thanks to an external condenser and heat exchanger, the waste heat from the process is fed directly into the heating network.

Additional energy is also generated for heating through heat recovery from the compressed air system.