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Innovation is not just a buzzword at GROB AG. We are constantly in search of new methods and processes to ensure the best and most cost-effective solution for the production of gearwheels. Since its foundation in 1947 the company is always developing.  Not only Swiss customers appreciate this but meanwhile companies all over the world.

Personal and open contact

Personal and open contact is at the heart of our business.

We provide you with solution-oriented advice and supply flexible and high-precision solutions tailored to your specific needs, always on schedule.»

Rafael Fellmann
Managing Director

GROB AG congratulates anniversaries

On November 29, 2019, the traditional year-end dinner took place in the Sonne Ebersecken. This year GROB AG can celebrate two anniversaries. Andreas Huber, Purchasing / PPS and Vilson Lleshdedaj, deburring department, have been working in the company for 20 years. At the end of 2019 Beat Knüsel, Head of Quality Assurance, retires. The fact that GROB AG today has such a good reputation among customers and throughout the industry is also largely due to its merit. Rafael Fellmann once again thanked the two anniversaries and Beat Knüsel for their daily commitment and their loyalty to GROB AG. Caption (from left): Managing Director Rafael Fellmann with Beat Knüsel, Andreas Huber, Vilson Lleshdedaj and their partners

Worms and Worm wheels

Since October 2019 GROB AG has been working with a new P90 gear hobbing machine including automatic loading system from Gleason. This will increase our capacity in gear production and in particular in the manufacture of worms / worm wheels up to module 5. At a glance: Workpiece diameter, nominal 120 mm Module, nominal Spur gears up to module 4,Worms up to module 5 Workpiece length 550 mm

GROB AG opens its doors

On September 4, 2019 GROB AG opened the doors of its production halls in Nebikon. Students interested in the profession of polymechanic were invited with one parent to experience the work in the company and ask questions.

New Manager

Rafael Fellmann takes over management of GROB AG on July 1, 2019. After 8 years as production manager, the father of three children from Dagmersellen takes over the management. Due to his extensive know-how in gear cutting technology and the degree as Executive Master of Business Administration, he has the necessary qualifications to do so. Fritz Grob will continue to be operational in the company. In addition, he will increasingly concentrate on the administrative board.

Welcome to the Fast Lane

This year's company outing of GROB AG caused the employees' adrenaline levels to soar. At the "Race Inn" go-kart track in Roggwil, a special kind of challenge awaited the employees after a naturally non-alcoholic aperitif. At the following dinner in the Gasthof Adler in Nebikon everyone strengthened themselves at the pasta buffet and the evening ended comfortable and relaxed.