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Innovation is not just a buzzword at GROB AG. Since its foundation in 1947 the company is always developing. We are constantly in search of new methods and processes to ensure the best and most cost-effective solution for the production of gearwheels. Not only Swiss customers appreciate this but meanwhile companies all over the world.

Personal and open contact

Personal and open contact is at the heart of our business.

We provide you with solution-oriented advice and supply flexible and high-precision solutions tailored to your specific needs, always on schedule.»

Fritz Grob-Furrer
Managing Director

Jubilierende und Pensionierte

Am ersten Abend des Monats Dezember trafen sich die Mitarbeitenden der GROB AG mit Partnerinnen und Partnern zum traditionellen Jahresend-Abend im Gasthaus St. Wendelin in Wauwil. Neben der Ehrung sechs langjähriger Mitarbeiter durften drei Mitarbeitende den Dank für ihren Einsatz, der nun mit der Pensionierung zu Ende ging, entgegennehmen. Foto: Eine grosse Schar Jubilierende (hinten v.l.) Luigj Palushi, Nico Schmuckli, Walter Fischer, Max Dubach, Richard Schmid, Fritz Grob (vorne v.l.) Wolfgang Bissegger, Vincenzo Burzese, Alois Huber, Sonja Grob

ZEBI 2017

The «Zentralschweizer Bildungsmesse» (Central Switzerland Education Fair) was held in Lucerne again from 9 to 12 November 2017.   Together with Imbach & Cie AG and Reiden Technik AG, GROB AG was represented with an information stand.   At the fair, more than 160 professional bodies, schools and businesses presented the range of training and further education options they have to offer. In total, 140 professions and over 600 further education opportunities were presented to attendees. The key focus of the fair was enabling students to have personal exchanges with professionals and get a practical sense of the exciting professions available to them.   It was the ninth time that the fair has taken place – a fair that represents the central educational platform for young people choosing a career and those interested in further education.

The „Emmentaler Games“ was great fun

The annual company outgoing went to the picturesque Emmental.

Studer S33 – Cylindrical grinding with loading portal

It’s a particular concern of GROB AG to fulfil – as far as possible - its customer requirement into our own production facilities. Therefore, through the acquisition of the machine Studer S33 the necessary grinding capacity has been increased. The S33 is a CNC controlled universal cylindrical grinding machine for small to medium sized parts into individual and series production. Complex parts can be ground in one setting. This is possible thanks to the grinding head with two spindles and to the driven synchronous tailstock, which doesn’t need a separately slaving device.  Workpiece weight max. approx. 8 kg Length of parts 20 – 312 mm Part Ø 6 – 160 mm Grip Ø 6 – 60 mm Autonomy / workpiece magazine max 50 parts  

Annual Company Outing 2016

A view behind the curtain of electricity In a good mood the employees of GROB AG got in the coach heading towards the little village Rathausen. During a guided tour at the “Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke CKW” – the electricity company of the canton - they got an insight to the versatility of the world of electricity. (sgw) After answering questions during the multivision show they learned learned how a hydroelectric power station works. The guides Valentin Rast and Thomas Matter from CKW also knew quite a few stories about the waste that comes along in the channel. Even animals find their way there. Hardly to believe, but ducks pass through the rake in the water channel without being harmed. After reaching the other side, they just shake themselves and off they go! Individual energy consumption24/7 the control centre is manned with specialists. From her the electrical power supply is regulated for Central Switzerland. Accordingly the security precautions of this room, which was also visited, are very high.How is your individual energy balance? That was the big question for all employees. By answering questions concerning mobility, nutrition, household or shopping habits and others this could be calculated. Goal was of course the lowest, an A. The highest, a G, was luckily not reached by anyone, most had a D on their print. Mobility and power consumption were the points with the most possibility to save energy. After a drink and finger food the group left towards the very special restaurant “Stadtalp” in Emmenbruecke. Dinner and having a good time together followed the interesting afternoon.