Measurement and inspection

Our systematic measuring equipment inspections mean that we can guarantee process reliability and optimal manufacturing.

The Höfler Klingelnberg gearwheel measuring device and numerous 2D and 3D measuring devices enable us to ensure premium quality control. If necessary, we can provide you with measurement and inspection certificates

Two flank Abwälzprüfgerät Type 32 gms

For the testing of gears to Ø150 mm and module 0.1 - 3 mm . The device is equipped with a granite base , a high-precision measurement slide , powerful computer software program for sampling and analysis of Zweiflankenwälzabweichungen . Measurement accuracy: 1 micron . Max. Weight of the wheels to be measured : about 1 kg.
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Oliver Petrovic

Quality Assurance / Transport
T: + 41 62 748 55 16