We offer expert consultation so that you can master your daily challenges with ease.

Personal consultation with our customers is of utmost importance at GROB AG. Thanks to our long-standing specialist expertise, we can also help you find the right solution from a manufacturing perspective. Consultation is the first step towards perfection.

At GROB AG, you can expect professional, personally tailored advice. We offer our support in the design, calculation and construction of your gearwheels and gear applications. In doing so, we bring our manufacturing expertise to the table. Together with you, we draw up the best possible solution in terms of quality, price/performance and delivery time.

Using our in-depth experience and cross-references, we offer professional advice when it comes to mastering your daily challenges with ease.

Get in touch with us today so we can find a perfect product concept that meets your requirements to the letter.

Rafael Fellmann

Rafael Fellmann
Managing Director / Sales / Consulting

+41 (0)62 748 55 14

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