Measurement & Inspection

Are your parts accurate enough? We would be happy to measure and inspect your workpieces.

Whether you want to play it safe or need a second opinion, we would be happy to measure and inspect your parts.

You do not know if your parts are accurate enough? We carry out measuring and inspection and can provide a measurement and inspection certificate for your workpieces on request.

Systematic inspections using our measuring equipment mean that we can guarantee process reliability and optimal manufacturing. If this is something for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Rafael Fellmann

Rafael Fellmann
Managing Director / Sales / Consulting

+41 (0)62 748 55 14

How we measure

The Höfler Klingelnberg gearwheel measuring devices and numerous 2D and 3D measuring devices enable us to ensure premium quality control. If necessary, we can provide you with measurement and inspection certificates. Gears up to 150 mm and modules between 0.1 and 3 mm can also be tested with the GMS 32 double-flank roller inspection machine.