The GROB AG gearwheel calculation program

We are pleased to be able to offer you a program intended to help you design gear ratios or optimise existing pairings. The program can be used to design the geometry including data which are important to machining.

In other words, the number of teeth and the base tangent length of helical and spur-toothed cylindrical gears, with or without profile correction, are measured. Moreover, the profile and breaking strength are also identified. The possible tooth profile clearance together with the tolerances, including the concentricity and run-out tolerances, are also expressed. These calculations are based on the generally recognised fundamentals. We have tried to make the program as user-friendly as possible. When you use the program, we recommend that you hit F1 at any time for help. By doing so, you will quickly become confident and sure of yourself when using the application. The internal toothing can also be calculated. Simply put a minus sign in front of the number of teeth. The tolerances are also indicated with a minus sign but must be written with a plus-sign in the diagram. You will also notice the green button at the bottom right which should not turn red. If the button is red, an explanation is displayed on the left-hand side enabling you to make the necessary corrections. When you have finished, you should always select "Ausgabe" and activate "Resultate berechnen". In this way you are sure that the program calculates all the inputs correctly.

We use the program on a daily basis and that's why, as users, we can give this program our most sincere recommendation. We hope you enjoy using it.

Gearwheel calculation program

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